AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar with 180 degree coverage 24/7 – 01564-001

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  • AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar with 180? coverage
  • Built-in analytics for accurate detection of people and vehicles
  • Low false alarm rate 24/7
  • Advanced radar technology for precise object positioning
  • 180? horizontal coverage detecting people up to 60m and vehicles up to 85m
  • Smart coexistence functionality for multiple radar use
  • PoE-out feature for powering additional devices
  • Full flexibility for cost-efficient installation and easy integration with various software systems
    Last updated on May 1, 2024 1:42 pm

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    Product Title: AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar with 180-Degree Coverage 24/7 – 01564-001
    The AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar is a cutting-edge network-based device that utilizes innovative radar technology to provide comprehensive 180-degree area protection around the clock with minimal false alarms. Equipped with built-in analytics, this radar system is ideally suited for outdoor installations in environments such as industrial areas, parking lots, and loading docks where continuous monitoring is essential.
    Key Features:
    – Wide 180-degree coverage area
    – Advanced built-in analytics
    – Low false alarm rate 24/7
    – Intelligent coexistence functionality
    – Power over Ethernet (PoE) support for additional devices
    – Accurate and reliable protection round the clock
    The AXIS D2110-VE leverages advanced radar technology to accurately detect object positions day and night, under various weather conditions. Its integrated analytics, powered by machine learning and deep learning algorithms, ensure precise detection, classification, and tracking of individuals and vehicles with minimal false alarms. This efficient operation allows security personnel to concentrate on addressing genuine threats proactively. The radar can also determine the speed of objects, enabling tracking of speeding vehicles or other potential hazards.
    Robust Coverage and Security:
    Featuring a wide 180-degree horizontal coverage range, the AXIS D2110-VE offers extensive area protection. It can detect individuals up to 60 meters (200 feet) away and vehicles at distances of up to 85 meters (280 feet). The smart coexistence feature enables the positioning of multiple radars close to each other, facilitating comprehensive 360-degree coverage. For instance, deploying two radars back-to-back can provide continuous surveillance over an area exceeding 22,000 square meters (240,000 square feet). With the latest Axis chip technology, the radar system incorporates advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access and ensure system integrity. Signed firmware guarantees that only authorized software is installed, reducing the risk of compromise. In case of tampering, the radar includes shock and casing open detection functionality for immediate alerts.
    Flexible and Cost-Efficient Installation:
    Equipped with PoE-out capabilities, the device can power additional devices like cameras or network horn speakers, streamlining installation and reducing cabling costs. For example, connecting an AXIS P3807-PVE Network Camera can provide visual confirmation across the entire detection area. User-friendly interfaces with mapping tools facilitate effortless configuration, while seamless integration with third-party video management software systems enhances operational flexibility.
    The AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar opens up a world of smart possibilities for efficient and reliable surveillance solutions.


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