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FAR and TAA Adherance
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Government Procurement Compliance and Confidence with TeluView

There are many technical and procurement compliance regulations and requirements needed when doing business with the federal government. TeluView offers a variety of products and solutions that comply with these federal requirements. Keep reading to learn more about TeluView compliance.

TeluView Product Portfolio Compliance with NDAA Section 889

TeluView is pleased to affirm that our product portfolio includes solutions marketed to the US government, Department of Defense (DoD) and associated contractors and affiliates, which are compliant with Section 889 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019.

NDAA Section 889 prohibits federal agencies, their contractors and grant or loan recipients from procuring or using ‘telecommunications and video surveillance services or equipment’ including certain components or critical technology from several outlined Chinese manufacturers. 

TeluView is a channel partner with multiple vendors that do not employ any SoC (System on Chip), or other components capable of processing software, from the banned Chinese companies.

NDAA Compliant Vendors Include:  

Axis Communications: All Axis products use NDAA-compliant chipsets, most products use the in-house developed ARTPEC® chips which are only available to Axis. Click here if you have questions regarding Axis Communications NDAA-compliance. 

UNV (Uniview): UniView is committed to making sure products are Complient with project requirements as contractually binding. Click here to view UniView’s declaration and list of NDAA-compliant products.

Hanwha Vision: Hanwha vision is committed to compling with all government and international trade regulations. Hanwha supports NDAA-compliance across its prodcut line and has a full suite of trade-compliant devices. Click to view Hanwha Vision’s declaration and list of NDAA-compliant products. 

Akuvox: Akuvox is committed to providing NDAA Section 889 compliant products. Thier SIP Video Intercom/Indoor monitor/Access Control product line: R2X, X91X, E1X,C31X, IT8X X93X, A01,A02 and A092model& series which doesnot have OEM, ODM, and JDM relationships with the named vendors in the NDAA. Click here to view Akuvox’s declaration and list of NDAA-compliant products. provides a list of components that are compliant with Section 889 of the John S McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 (NDAA). Click here to view’s declaration and list of NDAA-compliant products. 

General Service Administration (GSA) Schedule

TeluView currently has multiple products pending review to be included on the GSA Schedule. To find out which products are compliant and available, please email

SAM.GOV Registration, SBA, HUBZone

TeluView is registered on and is eligible to sell products and services to the U.S. federal government, as well as bid on government contracts. TeluView operates in an HUBZone and is registered as a Small Business. For more information, please email

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliance

Products on the GSA Schedule must be Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant. To learn more about the TAA compliant products from TeluView, please email

Country of Origin (COO) Compliance

Products on the GSA Schedule must be Trade Country of Origin (COO) compliant. To learn more about the COO compliant products from TeluView, please email

Technology Optimized for Surveillance Solutions and Cybersecurity

TeluView’s strategy is to maintain a competitive partner portfolio that encourages customer centric solutions for network video surveillance applications. This strategy enables TeluView to garner relationships with partners that use processing chips that are optimized specifically for the surveillance market, thereby allowing us to retain control over the technology provided, including enhanced analytic features as well as other unique attributes which strengthen cybersecurity.

TeluView's Commitment to Export Compliance

TeluView is committed to government procurement compliance, and compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations pertaining to its operations, including but not limited to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (15 C.F.R. § 730 et seq.) and the European Union Dual Use regulation (EU) 2021/821. This commitment extends to promoting strict compliance on an on-going basis with the terms and conditions of such export controls.

For questions on technical and procurement compliance at TeluView, please email

Government Procurement Compliance