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NDAA compliant cameras and security equipment adhere to the strict requirements outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of the United States, designed to safeguard national security interests. These regulations often restrict the procurement and use of cameras and technology products from specific manufacturers, especially those deemed to pose potential cybersecurity risks.

When a security camera is labeled as NDAA compliant, it signifies that the manufacturer has meticulously ensured that both its hardware and software components meet rigorous security standards. Compliance with NDAA regulations is essential for vendors seeking to supply products to U.S. federal agencies and other organizations governed by these restrictions.

To ensure compliance, it’s imperative to choose NDAA compliant cameras free from any banned components, such as Huawei’s HiSilicon chips. Our catalog offers a range of NDAA compliant options, including UniView’s Prime I cameras, meticulously crafted without any components from banned entities. This underscores the importance of thorough research and compliance with relevant laws when installing surveillance systems on government properties.

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If you would like to view the full 2019 NDAA, click here.

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