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How do I verify NDAA compliance?

To verify compliance with NDAA Section 889, it’s important to know where the equipment you are installing was manufactured. You’ll need to source equipment that does not contained banned components from certain China based manufacturers 1 UC San Diego – NDAA Prohibited Manufacturers.. Or find alternatives from Chinese manufacturers that specifically avoid using banned components. Its also good practice to ask all manufactures and distributors provide you with a declaration of compliance with NDAA Section 889. 

Next, put processes in place to ensure that any new equipment or services you buy in the future are free of banned Chinese-manufactured parts. It’s important to keep detailed records that show your products and services meet the NDAA Section 889 requirements. Your customers may ask you to present these documents as verification. 

You may also consider registering your business with GSA.gov. By applying to become a government contractor, you will be asked several questions about your business that will help you understand if you are allowed to sell your products to the US federal government. If approved, your business may be included in the 889 Representations Search, and tool that federal agencies and contractors use when searching for compliant entities and products.2GSA – 889 Representations Search https://889.smartpay.gsa.gov/#/

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with the NDAA’s cybersecurity provisions can result in severe penalties, including the loss of government contracts, damage to your business’s reputation, financial penalties, and, in some cases, criminal charges. Therefore, it’s essential to take compliance seriously and ensure your business meets all relevant laws and regulations3NDAA Compliant: What is NDAA Compliance? – C&C Technology Group (cc-techgroup.com).

Following NDAA Compliance

Understanding the basics of NDAA compliance is important for anyone working with the US federal government, and its contractors. Important steps that help ensure compliance include securing your information systems, encrypting data, implementing multi-factor authentication, and conducting regular risk assessments.  It’s not just a question of “How do I verify NDAA compliance”, it’s also a question of “How do I maintain NDAA Compliance”.

How does the NDAA effect Security and Surveillance Installers?

When asking the question, “how do I verify NDAA compliance”, it is important to also ask how the NDAA effects security professionals. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) significantly impacts security and surveillance installers by imposing restrictions on certain foreign-made equipment, which can affect an installer’s decision of what hardware and software to install. Specifically, sections of the NDAA ban the use of equipment from companies like Huawei and ZTE, aiming to mitigate risks of espionage and ensure the integrity of national security systems. This requires installers to purchase products from NDAA-compliant manufacturers, often leading to changes in suppliers and potentially higher costs. 

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Why Choose NDAA Compliant Solutions?

US Government & Contractor Sourcing

Evaluating security requirements for your next install? Consider the implications of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) within the United States. This act delineates stringent criteria that surveillance equipment must satisfy to protect national security interests. The provisions therein specifically proscribe the acquisition and utilization of technological equipment from manufacturers identified as potential vectors for cybersecurity breaches.

When a security camera gets the NDAA compliant stamp, it’s a big deal. It means the folks who made it really went the extra mile to make sure everything from the circuits inside to the code that runs it all is up to snuff with some tough security rules. 

If you are looking to sell or perform installs for the US Government, or anyone else who has to adhere to these rules, getting this compliance right is a must-do, not just a nice-to-have.


How to Select NDAA Compliant Equipment

Opting for NDAA-compliant equipment is imperative to avoid components identified by the act, such as HiSilicon chips from Huawei. TeluView offers a wide selection of NDAA-compliant equipment. Take the UniView Prime I series cameras, for example — UniView cameras are built with a lot of thought to make sure none of the parts come from places that the government’s given a thumbs-down. We put a lot of time into digging into the details and making sure everything’s by the book because, let’s face it, when you’re setting up cameras where the government’s involved, you’ve got to get it right.

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TeluView offers NDAA Compliant solutions from trusted brand partners like Axis Communications, UniView, and Wisenet. If you would like to view the full 2019 NDAA, click here.

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