AXIS FA51 Main Unit with HDMI output, Compatible with all AXIS FA Sensors Units – 02196-001

Axis Communications

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  • AXIS FA51 Main Unit with HDMI output
  • Compatible with all AXIS FA Sensors Units
  • Supports HDTV 1080p at full frame rate
  • AXIS Face Detector preinstalled for highlighting faces
  • HDMI output for connecting to Public Viewing Monitors
  • Includes one configurable input/output port for external device connection
  • Provides high performance with Forensic WDR for clarity in varying light conditions
  • Offers discreet and flexible installation with divided network camera concept
    Last updated on May 2, 2024 5:48 am

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    Product Description:
    The AXIS FA51 Main Unit, designed with an HDMI output, is compatible with all AXIS FA Sensor Units (02196-001). This flexible and discreet single-channel main unit offers seamless surveillance integration. Capable of connecting to any sensor unit, it provides the option to display real-time video on a public viewing monitor. Axis Face Detector technology identifies faces within designated boxes, deterring potential shoplifters by signaling monitoring presence. The system supports all AXIS FA sensor units, including infrared variations, ensuring top-notch video quality even in low light conditions. With Axis Edge Vault functionality, the security of your Axis devices is enhanced, simplifying network authorization processes.
    Key Features:
    – HDTV 1080p resolution at full frame rate
    – Preinstalled AXIS Face Detector
    – HDMI output for public viewing integration
    – 1 configurable input/output port
    – Compatible with all AXIS FA Sensor Units
    Enhanced Security and Deterrence:
    With an HDMI output, the AXIS FA51 Main Unit allows for external device connections like Public Viewing Monitors (PVMs). The inclusion of AXIS Face Detector aids in shoplifting prevention by actively highlighting potential offenders. By displaying monitored faces on a PVM, the system effectively manages security resources and deters theft. Moreover, the support for a configurable input/output port enables the connection of additional external devices, such as trigger lights.
    Exceptional Performance:
    The AXIS FA51 Main Unit, compatible with all AXIS FA sensor units, delivers a single HDTV 1080p video stream at a full frame rate for high-quality video output. Incorporating Forensic WDR technology ensures clarity in scenes with varying light conditions. Connection directly to a PVM reduces latency and minimizes network-related issues, ensuring continuous image display even during network downtimes. Axis Zipstream optimizes bandwidth and storage requirements, while Axis Edge Vault enhances device security and simplifies network device authorization.
    Adaptable and Discreet Design:
    As part of the modular camera system, the AXIS FA51 Main Unit follows the divided network camera concept, featuring a discreet sensor unit (composed of a lens and image sensor) and the main unit. These components connect via a cable provided with the sensor unit, allowing versatile placement options. From mounting on monitors to integration in ATMs, this inconspicuous unit effortlessly blends into any environment, with only the camera lens remaining visible.


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