AXIS Surveillance Card microSDXC Card 64 GB – 5801-951

Axis Communications

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  • AXIS Surveillance Card microSDXC Card 64 GB is designed for video surveillance with high performance
  • It provides edge storage solutions for flexible video recording without the need for an onsite server, DVR, or NVR
  • AXIS Zipstream technology allows effective recording of high-resolution video locally on the card
  • Offers self-contained recording solution when used with an SD-card supported Axis IP-camera, enabling surveillance without network connectivity
  • Storage capacity depends on camera configurations such as frame rates, resolutions, motion detection, and hours of operation
  • Two predefined scenarios are provided for comparison based on a 1080p HDTV camera with zipstream
  • Key features include 64 GB capacity, optimized for surveillance cameras, health monitoring readiness, SD card adapter included, and a 3-year warranty
    Last updated on April 30, 2024 3:30 pm

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    Introducing the AXIS Surveillance Card microSDXC Card 64 GB – 5801-951, designed to provide a high-performance edge storage solution tailored for video surveillance needs. This innovative card enables flexible storage options by supporting de-centralized video recording, potentially eliminating the necessity for an onsite server, DVR, or NVR.
    With AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB, live video can be viewed in low resolution in bandwidth-limited scenarios, while high-resolution video is locally recorded on the card. Leveraging Axis Zipstream technology, the card ensures efficient recording of high-quality video content, serving as a primary storage solution or as a failover redundancy mechanism in the event of network disruptions.
    Paired with an SD-card compatible Axis IP-camera, the AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB offers a self-contained recording setup, enabling surveillance and recording even in environments without network connectivity. The storage capacity required varies based on camera configurations, frame rates, resolutions, motion detection settings, alarm events, and operational hours. To help provide an estimate, we offer two example scenarios involving a 1080p HDTV camera with zipstream capabilities from AXIS Site Designer as a reference:
    – Reception: 12 hours of medium-motion daytime operations with customizable motion triggers.
    – Retail: 12 hours of medium-motion daytime operations tailored for retail settings.
    Key Features:
    – High-capacity 64 GB storage
    – Specifically optimized for surveillance cameras
    – Health monitoring feature enabled
    – SD card adapter included for increased versatility
    – Backed by a reliable 3-year warranty for peace of mind


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