AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan – 5901-004

Axis Communications

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  • AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan 5901-004
  • Compact, plug-and-play media converter with PoE
  • Integrated power supply minimizes cabling
  • Data input through SFP or RJ45
  • Delivers High PoE 60 W
  • Works with all Axis network products supporting Power over Ethernet
  • Features SFP slot for fiber
  • Supports High PoE 60 W for efficient power delivery
Last updated on April 26, 2024 10:22 am

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The AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan (Model: 5901-004)

axis t8154

The AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan (Model: 5901-004) is a user-friendly media converter designed for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. It is compact, plug-and-play, and comes with an integrated power supply, reducing installation complexity. This midspan supports data input through SFP or RJ45 connectors and delivers High PoE of up to 60 watts. Compatible with all Axis network products with Power over Ethernet support, the AXIS T8154 also features an SFP slot for fiber connectivity.

Unlock the Power of Seamless PoE Connectivity with AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan

Elevate your network infrastructure with the Axis 60W SFP Midspan, a compact and plug-and-play media converter that seamlessly integrates Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. Designed to streamline your networking setup, this versatile device offers a comprehensive solution for powering and connecting your Axis network products.

Compact and Efficient Design for Hassle-Free Installation

The AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan boasts a space-saving design, making it an ideal choice for environments with limited space. Its integrated power supply minimizes cabling clutter, ensuring a neat and organized setup. With its plug-and-play functionality, installation is a breeze, allowing you to get your network up and running quickly and efficiently.

Versatile Connectivity Options for Maximum Flexibility

This midspan offers flexible connectivity options to accommodate your network requirements. With both SFP and RJ45 data input ports, you can seamlessly integrate fiber optic or copper Ethernet connections, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network devices.

High-Power PoE Delivery for Demanding Applications

Designed to support the latest PoE standards, the 60W SFP Midspan delivers an impressive 60 watts of power, enabling it to reliably power even the most demanding Axis network products. This high-power capability ensures efficient and uninterrupted operation, making it an ideal solution for applications that require robust and continuous power delivery.

Seamless Integration with Axis Network Products

The AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan is engineered to work seamlessly with all Axis network products that support Power over Ethernet. This compatibility ensures a hassle-free integration process, allowing you to leverage the full potential of your Axis network devices without the need for additional power sources or complex wiring setups.

Unlock the Future of Fiber Connectivity

With its integrated SFP slot, the 60W SFP Midspan offers futureproof connectivity by enabling fiber optic connections. Fiber optic technology provides superior bandwidth, longer transmission distances, and enhanced reliability, ensuring your network is ready to handle the demands of tomorrow’s high-speed applications.

Experience the convenience of efficient power delivery and seamless connectivity with the AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan. Streamline your network infrastructure, reduce clutter, and unlock the full potential of your Axis network products with this versatile and high-performance solution.

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