UNV 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ Dome NDAA-Compliant IP Security Camera with Autotracking and Deep Learning AI (IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG)

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  • Small and compact PTZ body
  • Active deterrence alarm and strobe light features
  • Uniview Deep Learning
  • LightHunter illumination
  • Day/night functionality
  • Up to 50 m (164 ft) IR and 10m (33 ft) warm light distance
  • Up to 120 dB Optical WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Optical glass window with higher light transmittance
Last updated on April 29, 2024 11:35 pm

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UNV 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ with Deep Learning AI

UNV 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ %sep% TeluView

Enhance your security setup with Uniview’s LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI. This camera is specifically designed for areas where visibility and audibility are paramount. Despite its powerful features, it maintains a compact form factor, making it ideal for installations where space is limited. Unlike traditional PTZ cameras, it draws attention only when necessary.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Deterrence: Ideal for deterring intruders or loiterers in sensitive areas prone to vandalism or unauthorized access.
  • Practical Applications: Suitable for various scenarios including preventing copper theft, unauthorized parking, or trespassing in restricted areas.
  • LightHunter Technology: Ensures superior performance in low-light conditions, providing clear and detailed video even at night.
  • Integrated Features: Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio, red and blue strobe light, integrated siren, and smart human body detection.

Pan and Tilt Features:

  • Ultra-Wide Coverage: Offers a 345° pan and a 90° tilt for extensive surveillance coverage.
  • Presets and Routes: Set up to 256 pan and tilt presets and switch between them effortlessly with up to 16 routes.

Strobe Light Warnings:

  • Visual Deterrence:
    You have the option to enable the camera to emit a highly luminous strobe light in response to different events. This blue and red strobe light serves as an immediate warning signal to potential intruders, indicating that they have entered a restricted area.

Siren and Verbal Warnings:

  • Audible Alerts: Similar to the strobe light warning, you also have the flexibility to enable the camera to emit an audible warning when an event is triggered, alerting potential intruders. This audible warning can be used in tandem with the strobe light for enhanced deterrence, providing multiple layers of security notification.
  • Two Way Audio: The LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI has a built-in microphone and speaker enabling you to easily communicate with family members, pets, coworkers, or even intruders. The crisp, clear 2-way audio makes this camera perfect for access points to your home or business, baby or pet monitors, and so much more!


  • Continuous Monitoring: Monitor potential intruders continuously, even if they exit the camera’s current field of view. This camera features automatic pan and tilt functionality, tracking moving objects or individuals detected within its surveillance zone. This ensures that the camera follows them wherever they move, providing comprehensive coverage and maintaining vigilant security surveillance.

High-Definition Resolution:

  • Crisp and Clear: The LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI records video in stunning 5MP resolution at 30 frames per second, equivalent to 2880×1620 pixels. With each pixel contributing to the overall image quality, higher resolution translates to sharper, clearer, and more detailed footage. At 5MP resolution, you can expect images with enhanced crispness, cleanliness, and richness in detail.

Motorized Varifocal Lens:

  • Adjustable Zoom: Equipped with a Motorized Varifocal Lens, the LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI (IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG) offers a versatile range from 30.6° to 104.1°. This feature allows effortless and rapid adjustment of the zoom directly from the camera’s interface. The Motorized Varifocal Lens grants you greater flexibility in image control. Zoom in optically to capture finer details and achieve a tighter shot. Alternatively, zoom out to enjoy a broader perspective with a wider-angle field of view.

NDAA Compliance:

  • Government Approved: This model adheres to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) regulations, ensuring its suitability for usage and installation on U.S. government properties. Constructed with dependable and proven technology at its foundation, you can trust in its reliability and security standards.

Weatherproof Design:

  • IP66 Rating: With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66, this camera offers comprehensive protection against dust and other solid particles, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. Additionally, it can withstand powerful streams of water jets from any direction, making it resilient against heavy rain and adverse weather conditions. Rest assured, when you install this camera outdoors, it will effortlessly withstand the toughest storms, providing you with reliable surveillance coverage under any circumstances.

Night Vision IR Range:

  • Enhanced Visibility: After sunset or in low-light conditions, this camera automatically activates its onboard infrared LED lights, ensuring continuous video recording day and night. These infrared lights, imperceptible to the human eye, enable the camera to capture footage around the clock. With an impressive IR range of up to 165ft, you’ll have clear visibility on your camera’s feeds, even in complete darkness, ensuring nothing escapes your surveillance.

Remote Access:

  • Convenient Management: As a member of our Uniview product line, the LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG is designed to satisfy both seasoned users and beginners alike. It boasts a plethora of features tailored to meet the needs of power users while remaining user-friendly for novices. With our free mobile and desktop applications, you can conveniently access and manage your cameras and recorders from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a power user seeking to adjust advanced settings on the go or a novice looking to simply view live feeds and playback recorded video, our intuitive apps put everything you need at your fingertips.

Plug & Play Integration:

  • Easy Setup: Setting up a new surveillance system with our Uniview cameras is remarkably simple with our Uniview POE NVRs. Just plug the camera into the back of the Uniview NVR, and you’ll have instant video access on the recorder’s HDMI interface. Moreover, you can conveniently view and manage the NVR using free desktop and mobile applications like EZView and EZStation. This seamless integration ensures hassle-free setup and intuitive operation, allowing you to focus on what matters most: ensuring the security of your premises.

ONVIF Compatibility:

  • Versatile Integration: Integrating this camera into an existing security system is effortless. It adheres to the protocols established by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of recording devices. As long as your current recorder supports ONVIF, you can seamlessly incorporate this camera into your existing setup, enhancing your surveillance capabilities without any hassle.

Upgrade your surveillance system with the Uniview LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI. UNV, comprehensive security monitoring and deterrence capabilities.


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14 reviews for UNV 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ Dome NDAA-Compliant IP Security Camera with Autotracking and Deep Learning AI (IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG)

  1. Confidential Reviewer

    This camera is excellent.

  2. Confidential Reviewer

    I am really impressed with the features and reliability of this product. The picture quality is outstanding and the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) features are worth the money.

  3. Confidential Reviewer

    I was pleasantly surprised by how well this camera performed. The image quality is excellent and the price was definitely worth it. It far surpasses the quality of a 2MP camera.

  4. Confidential Reviewer

    This product is truly exceptional.

  5. Confidential Reviewer

    This product is absolutely amazing! I am absolutely in love with the new technology that they have added to it.

  6. Confidential Reviewer

    I recently installed one of these on a light pole in my spacious property. It offers a fantastic perspective of the yard and driveway. I am pleasantly surprised by the superior quality considering its affordable price. I plan to buy more and highly recommend it to my budget-conscious clients.

  7. Confidential Reviewer

    This camera offers excellent value for its price, delivering impressive image and audio quality.

  8. Confidential Reviewer

    At this price point, the camera is a fantastic addition for any client. I have successfully installed it at two locations, and both customers are satisfied with its performance.

  9. Confidential Reviewer

    I have personally installed these products for numerous clients, and without fail, they have been delighted with the exceptional video quality and effectiveness of the deterrent features. The eye-catching red and blue lights truly grab people’s attention in various settings, be it alleyways, parking lots, or even horse barns. The audio performance is surprisingly impressive, especially considering the comparatively lower price of this PTZ camera, and clients really appreciate the convenience of the two-way communication feature. While the zoom capability may be limited to 12mm, it remains perfectly suitable for smaller parking lots or outdoor areas. One noteworthy advantage is the white light feature, which remarkably enhances color night vision on the street. In my experience, this camera has proven to be superior to fixed lens cameras for the majority of applications.

  10. Confidential Reviewer

    I really enjoy the simplicity of the plug-and-play feature and the overall high-quality feel of the product. However, the only downside is that there seems to be some sort of metallic ball inside when the unit is shaken.

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