PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities a wide coverage area

TeluView offers PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras) with versatile surveillance capabilities through their ability to rotate horizontally, vertically, and magnify the image. A single PTZ camera can monitor a broad area while also zooming in to capture detailed visuals, enabling efficient verification of security incidents. These cameras boast advanced imaging quality and come integrated with intelligent functionalities. They can autonomously navigate between predefined viewpoints and zoom levels upon detecting events of interest. Furthermore, PTZ cameras from TeluView seamlessly integrate into larger security systems comprising multiple cameras, facilitating comprehensive monitoring solutions.

PTZ Cameras - Pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities for wide-area coverage

About TeluView

TeluView is a leading multi-brand B2B provider of information technology connected video security and access control solutions for installers that specialize in servicing, business, government, education, and healthcare. TeluView is an authorized partner for many of the industries leading manufacturers including Axis Communication , Uniview (UNV), Samsung Hanwha Wisenet, and Vivotek.